The platform
where runners
connect, find
their purpose
and enjoy running
like never before
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Hello, We are One2One.Run!
Some time ago our team decided to revolutionize the running world by creating a platform where runners connect, support each other and enjoy running like never before. We are building the platform (aka ‘running universe’) with the main focus on the social and mental aspects of running, where the inspiration and the motivation reach the new horizons. We have hundreds of supporters and runners that help us build the best solution. One2One.Run app (MVP) is available for iOS and Android devices as well as the B2B solution available by request.

We will be happy to connect with you if you are a potential strategic partner, inspired runner or just someone passionate about the brightful future on the move!
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The platform
where runners
connect, find
their purpose
and enjoy running like never before
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To motivate
and inspire people
so they can enjoy
running through connection

Our mission
One2One.Run is about

Tinder for running, connecting runners

with the similar profiles

One2One.Run connects runners and offers them several interaction platforms, from online 1-1 battles to group training
One2One.Run focuses on motivation and inspiration rather than metric-driven results
Running has never been so social
There are no fake runners,
some just run slower.
It doesn't make them less
of a runner.
There are so many HOWs about
running, but only a few WHYs.
Do you know your WHY?
Never outrun your joy of running!
It is about the joy not the result.
We believe all runners
are superhumans!
Is running rather about
competition or connection?
Join the run!
Six simple steps:
Find your match
Challenge the opponent
aka Runpanion
Discuss details in the chat
Upload the results
Share your success and joy
The first truly social running app. Try it now!
We are seven steps closer to our goal
May 2020
First One2One battle
June-July 2020

Idea & brand generation, first presentation

August 2020

First 100 submissions and test users

November 2020
First battle on Instagram
March-July 2021
Validation program from Utrecht Unversity (NL)
April-October 2021
MVP Launch
Testing phase

Our team combines passion with expertise


"Running is my background,

my motivation, my private time,

my challenge and my excuse"

  • More than 15 years in the shipping and the supply chain business
  • Work in 4 different countries
  • Serial entrepreneur with a successful business in the Netherlands

"The project brings me a lot of joy, because I am crazy about absorbing new knowledge. Education

is the gradual discovery of one's own ignorance"

  • Work worldwide
  • Mobile and server development of the One2One.Run project for iOS/Android
B2B solution

Let’s get moving. Let’s start running!
Your goals — our solution!
One2One.Run B2B solution offers a unique ‘running club’ approach for the corporate clients.
Do you want to retain healthy employees?
Build the team spirit?
Increase your team engagement?
Do you want to increase the workforce productivity?
Improve the physicall and mental health of your employees?
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